Reliable and quality castings from aluminum alloys
intended for utilization in various industries

Gravity die aluminium castings

The principle of gravity die casting consists in pouring a molten metal into a permanent mould and filling the mould cavities by the force of gravity. Thermal conductivity of the permanent mould causes faster cooling of alloy that results in acceleration of the solidification process. That creates fine-grain and dense structure and ensures high strength level.

Depending on the part geometry the sand cores manufactured by Coldbox and Croning method may be used with this technology. In our conditions this method is suitable for mass production of castings with weight ranging from 0,5 kg up to 50 kg.

The core product mix

  • cylinder heads
  • pump bodies
  • truck cooler components 
  • high-voltage transformer components


  • excellent material properties
  • complex inner geometry shaped by means of sand cores
  • low mould costs comparing to the high pressure casting moulds
  • possible high automation level