Quality of your products begins in our castings

Quality control

Quality control in the field of aluminum alloy casting production by low pressure die casting and gravity die casting is governed by the implemented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Verification of the products´ conformity with the clients´ requirements is performed as follows:

Type of quality test
Verification of the chemical composition of alloy
Spektrometer Q6 Columbus
Verification of the gas bubble diffusion coefficient of alloy
Dicht index 3VT-LC
Verification of the mechanical properties by measuring hardness
Hardness tester Brinell BRFest 
Verification of the properties by measuring strengths, ductility
and yield point
X-ray testing of the casting inner quality
Measuring of dimensions by means of a 3D instrument
Mitutoyo -3D CNC   
Leak-tightness testing by pressuring up to 1.6 MPa
Pressure tester up to 6 barov 
Pressure tester up to 25 barov       
Inspection on cracks by means of dye penetrant inspection
Penetration line ZA 915
Nondestructive testing of the wall thickness by ultrasound
Thickness tester DMSEE